Design your own shelving unit

You can create your own ABC Classic combination to suit your needs. Sizes, shapes, colours? Your design. Your choice. Functional and flexible.

Traditional craftsmanship in Aulum

Traditional craftsmanship in Aulum

When you enter our Aulum workshop, you immediately sense the classic carpentry traditions. The air exudes raw pinewood and proud carpentry. Our massive tree trunks come directly from the Nordic forests. We enjoy working in our workshop and transforming the tree trunks into decorative and functional ladder shelves. 

Shelving sytem with corner shelves and wine rack

Plenty of opportunities

Different modules, heights and depths. The choice is yours. Explore the many possibilities with our modules and create your own ABC Classic composition.

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3 colours of wood – the choice is yours

ABC Classic

Classic is made from untreated pinewood from European forests. You decide whether you want your shelving unit to be untreated or treated. The natural colour of the wood gives a simple and calm look that fits any room in any home.

Ladder shelves made from untreated pinewood

ABC Classic Black

ABC Classic Black is our new, modern colour in black-glazed pine, which is naturally coloured to maintain a real sense of wood. The black colour highlights the contents of your shelving unit and creates a stylish and rigorous look.

Ladder shelves in black-glazed pine

ABC Classic White

ABC Classic White is made from white-glazed pine, which is naturally coloured to maintain a real sense of wood. The white colour creates clean surfaces waiting to be filled with your favourite things. Additionally, this finish is easy to clean and maintain. 

Ladder shelves in white-glazed pine

Ladder shelves that suit all storage needs

Decorative storage in every room

We know the importance of proper solutions for storage. ABC Classic helps you arrange your items to create a simple overview in every room. Utilize our options for drawers, boxes and doors to clear your mess and display your favourite things with ease.

Our selection is broad. We have solutions for every room in your home or at your workplace.

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Black shelving unit with desk

Narrow or wide shelves?

Design a shelving unit that suits your room. 
Our modules come in three depths - 30, 40 or 50cm.
We have plenty of options for you to design a shelving unit that suits your needs for any room.

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Flexible shelving system with desk in black

Wooden shelving system with drawers

Easy assembly

Assemble or disassemble your ladder shelves without hassle.
Simple constructions with a lot of flexibility.

Original ladder shelves

The original ABC Classic ladder shelves turn 50 in 2025, and we are proud to supply long-lasting furniture for your home. If you have one of the original ladder shelves, you can buy a new shelf that still fits your shelving unit. 

The wooden shelving unit can easily be customised to fit your needs or moved into another room. Our shelving units last generations.

Original wooden ladder shelves in pinewood

Pinewood from European forests

Sustainable solutions

At ABC Classic, we take our sustainability responsibilities seriously. We produce locally, use FSC-certified wood and implement environmental considerations into our work. We are aware of The Sustainable Development Goals in everything we do.

ABC Classic catalogue

Find inspiration in our catalogue

Need inspiration before you design your own version of our popular ladder shelves? Combinations, shapes and colours - only your imagination sets the limit.

Get inspired by colours, combinations and interior designs in our catalogue and design your own shelving system in our drawing program.

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Catalogue with ABC Classic ladder shelves