Pick your favourite modules and create your own composition

Functionality. Flexibility. Favourite colours. Different modules, heights and depths. The choice is yours. Explore the many possibilities with our modules and create your own ABC Classic composition.

H198/179/116/80 cm / W83 cm / D30/40 cm

Standard shelving in pinewood

With our classic standard shelving in four different heights, you can make your own combination to suit your home. Choose between untreated, white-glazed or black-glazed.

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Standard shelving in pinewood

H45/80/116/179 cm / W42/79/109 cm / D30/40/50 cm

Extend your shelving unit

Choose between three different heights. You can extend your existing ABC shelving unit or use it to build new ladder shelves.

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Extend your ladder shelves

Flexible ladder shelves from ABC Classic

H198/179/116/80 cm / W79 cm / D30/40 cm

Expand your shelving unit

Choose between four heights. What do you need? 2, 3, 4 or more shelves? Customise your new shelving unit in our drawing program.

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Expand your ladder shelves

W39/76/106 cm / D30/40/50 cm

Different shelve sizes

Shelves are an essential part of any ABC Classic shelving unit. Add a new shelf to an existing shelving unit, or build a new one from scratch. Easy to mount with a host of opportunities.

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Shelves in different sizes

62 73/82 30/40 cm / W30/40 D39-L70/79 cm

Store more with corner shelves

With corner shelves, you can make your shelving unit even more functional. They are easy to mount and give you plenty of opportunities for storage in every room.

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Store even more with corner shelves

W76 cm / D60 cm

Add a desk to your shelving system

ABC Classic ladder shelves have opportunities for functionality. In need a small workspace? Add a writing board to create a functional desk in your shelving system. The perfect choice for the home office or for your kids’ rooms. Mount it at different heights and angle it to suit your needs.

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Ladder shelves with desk

Black shelving system with desk

White shelving system with boxes

H17/35 cm / W37 cm / D30/40 cm

Use boxes for storage

The boxes are an essential part of your shelving system. They offer plenty of opportunities for storage in simple and classic ways. Choose between two sizes and combine as you like.

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Add boxes for extra storage in your shelving unit

H56 cm / W76 cm / D30/40 cm

Doors of glass or wood?

Customise your shelving system with doors of glass or wood. No matter the choice, the doors will add a simple and decorative look to your shelving system.

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Ladder shelves with doors of wood or glass

Ladder shelves with wooden doors

Shelving unit with wine rack

H56 cm / W76 cm / D30/40 cm

Wine racks are not just practical storage

It also makes an elegant display of your wine bottles. When you add a wine rack to your ABC Classic shelving unit, you always have the right spot for your favourite bottles of wine.

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Wine racks for ladder shelves

Wooden ladder shelves with drawers

H19 cm / W39/76 cm / D30/40 cm

Organise with ease in a simple, stylish manner

Combine wooden drawers with doors to get an aesthetic and functional solution.

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Ladder shelves with drawers

Wooden furniture that will last a lifetime

ABC ladder shelves in classic design for generations to come.

Wardrobe hanger

Add a wardrobe hanger to your shelving unit in the size and colour you prefer. A simple and easy way to organise your clothes in the hallway, bedroom or walk-in closet.

Ladder shelves with wardrobe hanger


Bookends are perfect for storing books, magazines, etc. Choose between three different colours: natural, white or black.

Ladder shelves with bookends

Cross brace

Add a cross brace on the back of your shelving unit to ensure bracing and stability. The best way to keep ladder shelves upright and stable.

Shelving unit with cross brace