Find answers for the most frequently asked questions regarding our ladder shelves. Read about how to design your own shelving system, how to find your nearest retailer and much more.

You can see our ladder shelves and get the guidance you need at your nearest retailer. Find a retailer near you here.

The prices depend on which combination you want. You can find prices on basic modules in our drawing program.

You can order ABC Classic ladder shelves at your nearest retailer. Afterwards, we produce your new shelving unit in our own factory in Aulum. 

You can design your own shelving unit in our drawing program and bring your drawing ID to the retailer. Or you can let the retailer help you compose a complete shelving system for you. Whichever form is chosen, it is free and non-binding.

If you choose to make your own design in our drawing program and create a profile, you can save all your drawings in the program.

Yes. ABC Classic is a flexible shelving system. If you want an extra or several extra modules you can always add them to your existing shelving system.

Our ladder shelves are easy to assemble.

We send assembly guides with your order. We recommend that you read those carefully. Also, you can always find all of our assembly instructions here.

We are very conscious of the environment. We manufacture our shelving units in Denmark. We use wood from European forests and we always replant what we cut down.

You can find our complete elements overview here.

ABC Classic ladder shelves are available in 3 different depths. Choose between 30 cm, 40 cm and 50 cm. 

You can combine the 3 different depth sizes in the same shelving system to get the look and functionality you want. 

We produce the ladder shelves in three standard colours – black, white and nature.

Yes. Our drawing program is free and non-binding. Create a user and let your creativity flow. By making your own design in our drawing program and creating a user profile you can always save your drawings for later.

Yes. You can easily design your own shelving system set-up in our drawing program. Here, you can choose between 3 standard colours. 

Also, you can visit your nearest retailer who will help you design a shelving system with the right composition for your home.

Yes. We produce ABC Classic ladder shelves in our workshop in Aulum in Western Jutland.